Polysphere has been providing particles for latex immunoturbidimetry, a type of in vitro diagnostics, based on the management philosophy of “pursuing particle technology and creating new value. ” In the future, we will continue to place greater emphasis on research and development of particle technology than ever before, and aim to become a company with a presence not only in Japan but also in the world by creating new value. In recent years, problems such as infectious diseases and natural disasters caused by climate change have been occurring one after another, increasing the opportunities for many people to face difficulties. Through particle technology, we will contribute to society as a company that secures harmony between market demands and technological innovation in order to solve the challenges faced by individuals and society.

CEO Hideki Goto

Corporate Philosophy

Pursue particle synthesis technology and create new value. Polysphere has been producing latex particles, the raw material for in vitro diagnostics. The most important feature of our particle production technology is the production of particles of uniform size. In the future, we will further develop our technology to develop applications in various fields.


COMPANY Polysphere Co., Ltd.
ADDRESS Tokatsu Techno Plaza 508 5-4-6 Kashiwanoha Kashiwa-shi, Chiba 2770882 JAPAN
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BUISINESS Research and Development
・for In-Vitto Diagnostics
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